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Hi, I am Raza working as Research Administration under the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation.

How Can I Help You (End-to-End Research Solutions):

⭐Scopus Article (Q4 – Q1)

⭐Sinta Article (S6 – S1)



⭐Data Analysis

⭐Karya Ilmiah




Teaching and Sharing about International Market Research with Total 53K+ Followers and 4.7M+ Views from Indonesia (Have Many Relationships with Various Suppliers):



My Related Experience:

✅Cooperation with Indonesian Trade Attache in Australia to create 10 Market Intelligence Document for Australian Market

✅Accompanied the Nigerian Government (NASENI) to Sign MoU with PT. Dirgantara Indonesia to Buy N219 Plane in Indonesia in 2022

✅Cooperation with Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia to develop the potential of the Kulon Progo SMEs to enter the International Market

✅Mastered 9 International Business & Trade Certification from ITC (International Trade Centre), such as:

Export Sales and Negotiation, Building a Trade Information Service, Financing Trade in Services, Creating Quality E-commerce Content, and more!

✅Completed Training on Cargo Introductory Course by IATA (International Air Transport Association)

✅Published 13 Research Articles Related to Logistics and Transportation, such as:

• Determination of Air Cargo Performance: Analysis of Revenue Management, Terminal Operations, and Aircraft Loading (dinastipub.org/DIJMS/article/view/1822)

• Factors Influencing Air Cargo Business: Business Plan and Strategy, Professional Human Resources, and Airlines’ Performance (dinastires.org/JAFM/article/view/220)

✅Mastered 23 Softskills and Hardskills Paid Certifications in Skill Academy (Rank #1 Upskilling Platform in Indonesia with the Best Credibility & Standards), such as:

Emotional Intelligence, Branding, Digital Marketing, Public Speaking with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques, Networking, Critical Thinking, Selling, AI Introduction, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Storytelling & Creative Writing, Video Editing, Lean Startup, and more!

✅Social Media Strategy Manager at @risetpasarekspor (Tiktok & Instagram) with Total 53K+ Followers and 4.7M+ Views


• Save Your Money and Time by Working with Pro!

• Please Feel Free to Contact Me for Your Further Needs and Long-term Partnership to Grow to Improve your Research Quality and Quantity, Thank You 😀

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